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Removal & Replacement

Asphalt Removal and Replacement

For an asphalt repair to be completed properly, you need to have the right equipment, the proper materials, and most importantly, the people who know how to use them. Asphalt Solutions in Frankfort, Michigan, has many asphalt maintenance procedures to ensure that you receive the proper type of repairs your asphalt needs. Some situations call for the traditional method of asphalt repair, referred to as "remove and replace." This type of asphalt removal and asphalt replacement includes:

Removing Asphalt

  • Saw Cutting around Designated Areas
  • Removing All Asphalt Down to the Base
  • Removing the Base (Approximately 6") If Needed
  • Installing a New Base with 6" of 22A Road Gravel If Needed
  • Compacting the Base to Achieve Maximum Density
  • Installing the First Course of Asphalt with 2" 1100T Asphalt
  • Installing a Second Course of Asphalt with 2" 1100T Asphalt
  • Compacting the Asphalt with an Asphalt Roller
  • Crack Sealing All Joints around the Repair